Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Times with My Grandparents

Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are special. There's a bond forged from the moment of birth that offers grandparents the greatest gift in life: the opportunity to continue growing.

In 2005 I penned a poem entitled Times with My Grandparents that I gave to them on Christmas morning:

Memories of my youth flood through my mind.
Where did I get such great grandparents, who were such a wonderful find?

The gatherings at your house with all the family there,
We made lots of memories for all of us to share!

The long nights just spent visiting with you,
We got a while to catch up on things with the many board games and food.

The times on the slopes and the hours in the car,
Are just a few of the memories that brought us to where we are.

The adventurous sports and the different array of teams,
You support me in all that I do which means a lot to me!

Alaska, New York, and Washington DC...
All the fun times I had, I got to spend with thee.

The lessons you have taught me guide me through my life...
Since I listened closely, I didn't go a strife.

Love and commitment, both of you have drilled into me,
Making the person that I am just who I want to be.

As I look into your eyes with all the love I see.
How did I get so lucky that you were the grandparents chosen for me?

Love Your Favorite Second Grand Child

In my last post I wrote about My Grandparents Racist Past because I wanted to highlight how they were able to overcome their racism due to the love of a grandchild. It took the birth of a grandchild to learn that COLOR DIDN'T MATTER.

In 2008 it was in this star-stricken love and awe I felt for my grandparents that I believed I was being given the chance to open up my heart to them --- to accept and to be accepted; to be enjoyed for who I was and had the potential to become as a GAY INDIVIDUAL.

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