Monday, March 11, 2013

The National Atheist Party Political Convention

On Saturday, March 9th at 9:00am the National Atheist Party hosted NAPcon2013 their first annual event consisting of a Convention, a Fundraising luncheon, and an After Party at the South San Francisco Convention center.

Darwin began formulating his theory of evolution by natural selection in 1837, but did not publish Origin of Species until 1859. He was determined to build a formidable mass of documentation supporting his theory and to solve major stumbling blocks. It's been slightly longer than a year of me actually referring to myself as an atheist, but I've decided to follow suit. I've dug my heels in and have been immersed in study, research, and contemplation while continuing to play Christian around my family. I'm deep in the closet and avoiding the ramifications of coming out to my parents and grandparents. Like Darwin, I know that I will not be satisfied with myself unless and until I can answer all questions that could be, might be, or have already been posed to me.

As such, while swimming in this mire of confusion, it was sure nice to finally get to a meet a few of prominent honored speakers and activists: Atheist video blogger and evolutionary activist Aron Ra, the victorious defender of Separation of Church and State Jessica Ahlquist, Keynote Speaker, journalist and radio personality Jamila Bey, and others.

Now, I am intimately familiar with the discussions over the last several months on the Internet about the name/idea of having an "atheist" political party, including this discussion about changing the name. Unsurprisingly, I heard this topic being bounced around at the convention as well, and in a future post, might add some additional thoughts. Until then…


~ SoACTing

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