Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Allow Me to Officially Introduce Myself - Sort of

They say first impressions are everything - dress to impress, edit your body lanyguage, choose your words wisely (don't sound like a complete doofus when you talk), and if all else fails, keep the other person talking about themselves! (Not to mention - RELAX!) Making the right impression, say, for example, at the start of your career, helps define who you are and what you're capable of.                                                                                                      The fact of the matter is, however, you can't see what I'm wearing, body language evn in real life can be misleading, and, through a screen, god is the only one who can see me assuming he's not too busy and wants to take a peek. As far as sounding like a complete doofus goes, thank your lucky stars you don't have to hear me talk; my own mother has a hard time deciphering my slurred, hundred-words-a-minute, incoherent babble.

This leaves us with choose your words wisely (or they may come back to bite). The question that remains is - HOW? How do you convey your full personality through words on a screen? How do you show that you're passionate, gutsy, funny, provocative, dynamic, and vibrant like your friends and family know you to be? How do you let people know your full values, traits, and even quirks through writing? And this, for me, is the stickling point - THIS BLOG IS ABOUT USING WORDS TO TELL OF MY JOURNEY. IT'S A COLLECTION OF MY PAST, THERAPEUTIC FOR THE PRESENT, AND A GATEWAY FOR THE FUTURE!

So at the risk of sounding important, allow me to officially introduce myself - sort of.

This blog is my diary where I'll share all of my past indiscretions and family secrets. Just kidding - sort of! For what it's worth, I do plan on sharng poems, stories, and rants I've written in the past about my turbulent childhood, how my parents fucked me up, and why all of my problems are really not my fault. (Half-way joking!)

This blog will serve as my breaking-news outlet. DISCLOSURE: I consider myself gay (though some would say bi). I'm in a mixed orientation relationship with DL (Dear Lover). I may write about lots of gay things, I may write about none. (Okay, I'm sure there will be a few posts about it.)

This blog will serve as my pulpit where I'll preach my views, both past and present, religious or otherwise. DISCLOSURE: I was raised as a Christian, but no longer consider myself such. I am dating a Mormon (DL; see above). It was through studying Mormonism and seeing it's flaws that has led me to reject Christianity. I am now questioning the mere existence of a god, or any god for that matter. So allow me to insert this little warning now - WARNING: VIEWS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

This blog will serve as my political soapbox where I get a chance to blend in with the crowd that always seems the loudest - you know, The Idiots Crowd! (Sign me up!)

On a final note: This blog will contain my thoughts, questions, unfortunate misgivings, personal (mis)understandings, and things that I find troubling in my life and in the world. Oh, and I'll include RECIPES! I love cooking new things!

My posts are in no particular order. I expect some to contain errors, not the most unbiased of sources, or even incomplete information leading to an erroneous conclusion. If that's the case, I'm more than willing to make any necessary correction.


~ SoACTing

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  1. I am honored that you guest posted on my blog before you really got yours going!

    I read a lot of your posts, the first time, while I was still loopy on post surgery pain and meds. I wanted to be a little more coherent before sharing any thoughts. I am glad to only be loopy sometimes, even if I still hurt a lot.